We will provide you access to recorded videos in every subject. Go through the videos thoroughly and make note of important points. Once you complete all videos, you can go ahead with referring to topic-wise MCQs available in soft copy format in Eclasses and focus on practicing as many MCQs as possible available in Test Series.

What you'll learn

  • Several key concepts
  • Mnemonics
  • Proficiency in answering MCQs
  • Tips to maintain consistency
  • Active learning
  • How to enjoy learning
  • Strategies to enhance preparation
  • How to progress & crack entrance


    Assignments are provided every week to promote active learning through standard references. You can submit those assignments via mail for review and analysis. This facilitates close monitoring of your preparation and also encourages you to maintain notes. Key & Explanations related to these Assignments will be provided in Eclasses too.

Key Points

    Key Points highlighting several key areas from different subjects will be provided in respective subject sections of Eclasses.


    You are supposed to have an internet connection with decent browsing speed (not less than 1mbps) to watch the videos in Eclasses or to access Tests in Test Series. Otherwise you can buffer the videos first & then continue watching them. Downloading or sharing our videos or access is a punishable offence.


The course is valid till date of entrance exam.

  • Videos: 1500+
  • Duration: 250+ Hours
  • Medical Subjects: Yes
  • Dental Subjects: Yes
  • Study Materials: Yes
  • Debate Sessions: Yes
  • Medium: English