• What is Test Series?

    Test Series (testseries.ptbdacademy.com) is our online platform where we conduct several online tests.

  • What are the different types of tests available in Test Series?

    There are Daily Tests, Surprise Tests, Point & Shoot Tests, Demo Tests, Subject-wise Tests, Cumulative Tests, Revision Tests, Grand Tests, Mock Tests (AIIMS, PGI) etc.

  • How to cover all tests in Test Series?

    Follow the Test Series Schedule mentioned in course pdf to complete the tests.

  • Are there fixed timings for tests?

    Yes, all tests are updated according to the schedule. However, you can take up any test any time as per your convenience (within the course validity) once they are LIVE as per the schedule.

  • How many times can you access each test paper?

    You can access any test any number of times for revision. However, you can give a test only once. Once you submit the test, as mentioned prior, you can access it several times for revision

  • What are Daily Tests?

    Daily Tests are tests which are created in order to make sure that you are used to giving tests online on daily basis. You will have them from Monday to Friday every week and each test contains 5 MCQs with 1/4th negative marking. These tests are conducted as per your Test Series schedule and are based on key points. The objective of these tests is not just to test your knowledge, but also to provide you important points so that you would make notes after each test.

  • What are Surprise Tests?

    Surprise Tests are created with an objective to provide you more MCQs in a challenging pattern. You will have 15 MCQs with 1/4th negative marking in cumulative manner every Tuesday. Explanations will be provided too.

  • Why are Surprise Tests cumulative?

    Final exam is cumulative in nature. So we want you to get used to this pattern by making your Surprise Tests cumulative. It is definitely challenging initially, but as time progresses, you will see enhanced confidence levels provided you understand and follow the pattern as it is. The objective here is to make sure that you face questions from different subjects rather than solely getting tuned to your subject test. Remember, final exam is cumulative.

  • What are Point & Shoot Tests?

    Usually when we take topic-wise discussions i.e., Point & Shoot Discussions in Study Club Group @ Telegram, we have observed that each individual aspirant is heavily influenced by the answers posted by others and as a consequence, there is bias in answering and moreover, we are not able to specifically evaluate each and every aspirant’s performance.
    To address this issue, we came up with this idea of Point & Shoot Tests where instead of posting topic-wise questions in a discussion forum like our Study Club, we create topic-wise tests (Point & Shoot Tests) in Test Series.
    The pattern of these tests is very challenging. Since these are topic-wise, you are expected to come prepared before you take up the test. You will have 10 MCQs in every test with 1/2 negative marking and just 5 minutes duration. This enables us to monitor your performance individually
    after you complete the test. Also, we will be providing you ranking based on your performance in these tests every week.

  • What are Demo Tests?

    Demo Tests are sample tests which are LIVE before your main Subject Test. These tests are created so that you can check your internet speed and make sure that everything is fine before you give the Subject Test.

  • What are Subject Tests?

    Subject Tests are individual subject-based tests which are conducted as per your Test Series schedule. They contain 120 MCQs with 1/4th negative marking and 90 minutes duration. We will be providing you ranking based on your performance in these tests.

  • What are Cumulative Tests?

    Cumulative Test are conducted strategically in between to make sure that you are in touch with all subejcts from the beginning of the schedule. Each test includes 4-5 subjects combined and are conducted as per your Test Series Schedule. These include 240 MCQs with 1/4th negative marking and 180 minutes duration. We will be providing you ranking based on your performance in these tests.

  • What are Revision Tests?

    Revision Tests are created to make sure that you are giving tests during your second revision just before the beginning of the Grand Tests. These are cumulative in nature which include 240 MCQs with 1/4th negative marking and 180 minutes duration. We will be providing you ranking based on your performance in these tests. Each test includes 6-8 subjects combined and are conducted as per your Test Series Schedule.

  • What are Grand Tests?

    Grand Tests are like Mock Tests which are cumulative with nature with 240 MCQs, 1/4th negative marking and 180 minutes duration. They are conducted as per your Test Series Schedule.

  • Are Image Based MCQs provided in Test Series?


  • Are Topic-wise MCQs provided from all subjects?

    Yes. Topic-wise MCQs from select topics are provided in Eclasses in Topic-wise MCQs Section in soft copy format.

  • What are Study Club Discussions?

    Study Club is a group in Telegram where we have Academic and General Discussions. Every week discussions on important topics will take place where we post questions in quiz format. Key & explanations will be posted during discussion.

  • What are Assignments?

    Assignments are based on the concept of active learning. Every week you will be given questions in Study Club. You need to find out answers and make notes by referring standard literature. Then you can post your work to us by mail. We will review it and update you accordingly. Key and explanations will be posted in your Eclasses and you will get an update accordingly.

  • Is there any separate schedule for Study Cub Discussions, Assignments and Point & Shoot Tests?

    No. All these are based on your Test Series schedule only.

  • 4. Should I participate in all Discussions, Assignments etc?

    Yes. That’s what active learning is all about. Along with your scheduled subjects, you will have tests and discussions from other subjects. Participate in each and every discussion and you will see the difference. The objective here again is to make sure that you face questions from different subjects rather than solely getting tuned to your subject test.

  • How are my doubts clarified?

    All your doubts will be clarified via Doubt Clarification Form available in General Section of Eclasses. Download the form, use the format and get back through mail for clarification.

  • How long does it take to get a reply when I mail any query or concern through mail?

    We reply as soon as possible. 24 - 48 hours is our Standard Reply Time.

  • What is Compliance Report?

    Compliance Report is a form which is downloadable from General Section of Eclasses. This is created to improve your compliance to our course. All you need to do is just fill the report and mail it every Sunday for Review and Analysis. Remember, Compliance Report enhances your performance overall.

  • How will I know if there is any update related to course?

    All updates related to Eclasses, Test Series, Study Club Discussions, Assignments, Exam-related notifications etc will be posted in our Google & Telegram Updates Group. Make sure you are a part of these updates groups.

  • Do I need to refer text books during preparation?

    Yes. Referring standard textbooks is very important during course of preparation. List of books are provided for each subject and you can find them in the respective subject section of Eclasses.

  • How can I plan my preparation using the course?

    Start with all Orientation videos posted in General Section of Eclasses.
    Complete of videos, key points, study club discussions, key points first. Start practicing MCQs in Topic-wise MCQs section of eclasses. Refer explanations, standard textbook references & make a note of important points or areas where you are weak ex: calculations, concepts, memory based topics, values, years etc. Repeat the cycle.
    The schedule has been mailed to you during the time of your admission. Please go through it thoroughly and stick on to the schedule. Whenever you are preparing for a particular subject, try this format of preparation.
    Phase 1: Complete videos, key points, study club discussions, topic-wise MCQs etc.
    Phase 2: Practice as many MCQs as possible.
    Phase 3: Refer explanatory answers, standard references (textbook, or videos etc). Phase 4: Notes preparation simultaneously during Phase 1, 2 & 3 (Very Important).
    Phase 5: Revision (Before the exam preferably on Saturday evenings & early mornings of Sunday).
    Important - Phases can overlap and repeat the cycle of phases. Try this format and see how it's working. I personally followed similar strategy during my preparation. However, you are free to follow your own style. Consider this format as a starting point and improvise on it

  • Is there any Timetable?

    Yes. There is a Timetable which provides you information about events that happen on day to day basis in our academy. Check your course pdf for the same.

  • What does PTBD in PTBD Academy mean?

    Proud To Be Dentist

  • How long will it take to get access to course after making payment?

    Less than 24-48 hours from the time we receive your mail about the same.

  • What if I face any technical difficulties in accessing the course?

    You can mail us for the same and our technical team will address your concerns in 24-48 hours.

  • Is each and every topic taught by Dr Naveen?

    Yes. Even though a team of experts work with him to produce the quality content, all the classes are taught by Dr Naveen himself.

  • Can I get refund?

    Yes, we have a refund policy. If you raise a refund request within 24 hrs after making the payment or getting the access to the course, 15000 INR will be deducted from the course fee and the balance amount will be processed as refund. If you raise a refund request after 24 hrs of getting access to the course, you are not entitled to any kind of refund.

  • How do I achieve success?

    Hard work, Consistency and Self-belief are basic ingredients. Enjoying the process adds flavour. Remember, success is not some destination, rather it’s a journey.. your journey. The bottom line is, course is provided through Eclasses, Test Series, Study Club Discussions and Assignments which are like 4 pillars for a stronger foundation. For any further queries or clarifications, contact us through mail 24*7.